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Peoria 493.

The PFFC Seventh Annual "Fire It Up" Charity Car Show

On May 23rd, 2015 the PFFC held its seventh annual Fire It Up Charity Car Show at the Peoria Sports Complex.
Over 240 cars were entered and 6 different car clubs were well represented. Thirty-Three vendors were on hand to help feed and outfit the crowd. Around 2000 people made their way out to view the cars. The PFFC also gave out its very first Dave Rehnke Best in Show award, given out by retired Peoria Fire-Captain David Rehnke, who was famous for keeping his rig in tip-top shape. The Fire it Up raffle gave out over $8500.00 in prizes, which helped with raising lots of money for the PFFC. The money raised will go towards many PFFC programs, including $1000.00 to the Peoria Cadets, who helped out at the show. Special thanks go out to Family Dental Station, The Home Depot, Nancy Perry, and Charles Tanner, who did a great job creating and running the 2015 PFFC- Fire It Up Charity Car Show.

Please click any picture below to view the slide-show. Thanks go to Vanessa Tanner for the photos.
You can also Click Here to watch a You Tube video of the show.

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To view our 2013 car show pictures, please click here.

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